Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Craze For Education.....

I am the youngest in my family. And I was the last one to go to school. From the very young age, I always wanted to go to school. I have seen my brothers and sisters going to school from the very beginning of my childhood. I always had a dream of going to school with them. Every morning, I would sit beside my mother and watch her dress them up. In that blue uniform, my siblings would look very neat and tidy. Seeing them wear, I would dream of wearing that blue uniform. After they have left for school, I would linger around my mother nagging, to dress me up too. My mother is illiterate but she knows what education means. She never denied when I asked her to dress me up. She with lots of love, would dress me up and for rest of the day, I would play happily with my toys. I would scribble anything that came to my mind. I would scribble on my bed room wall. I would get satisfaction seeing that I have written so many things.

Every evening, I could hear my siblings shout something. They would be memorizing at top of their voice. Silently I would also repeat the same thing after them. After they were done, I would go to them and shout the same. Undoubtedly, I could pour out everything that was in the Dzongkha book of class II. They would chase me. My father used to teach me how to read and write. I used to run to my mother after I am done and show her my writings. She would look at it and would fondle my hair and smile. I would be so contented and would go to bed murmuring the memorized sentences.

I got admission in school in the year 2000, when I was six years old. I was the happiest person but to be frank, my mother was more than me. I could see tears in her eyes but still smiling for me. My family was happy for me. I started going to school. It was like my dream come true. Now, my mother used to dress me up- the blue uniform that I used to dream of wearing. I would look into the mirror and smile. For me, going to school was like more than anything.

I was very good in studies. My entire teacher used to appreciate me. I used to stay late night writing my home works. There was no one to help me. My siblings were far away from home. They were in their college. My father would be out for site. No one was there to help me out with my works. But my mother always stood beside me. She would stay late night with me besides her tiring day chores. She used to tell the names of animals in our local dialect and I used to translate it in either English or Dzongkha. I used to cry for not finishing my works and she used to console me with lots of love. She would look at me and smile. I would get that satisfaction and would again continue my work. My mother would sit beside me and watch until I am done. She would wake me early morning and make me study. My craze for education amplified with my mother’s sacrifices. I wanted to do something for my mother. I don’t want her sacrifices to go in vain.

I got my education and still I am with it. I know everyone- my father and my siblings are happy for me but I want my mother to be the most. It is said that, “What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.” So, I remember how my father used to teach me, how my siblings helped me out with my obstacles but more than anything, I remember my mother’s sacrifices- her sleepless nights, contentment and her love.

More than me, my mother has the craze for education. Now, at least she can read and identify the numbers. I am glad that because of my craze, my mother could help out with herself in this materialistic world.

Friday, February 21, 2014

There are always bigger and better things available...

I am Kuch Kumari Subba. Born on 29th_March, 1994. I am a kind of girl who loves to talk, argue and wants to be always happy. And yes, I am always happy and smiling. Always being with my parents, I never questioned myself about anything. At times, I was unable to overcome my obstacles and at times, I was on the top. Still, I never recognized my potential.

Till my high school, I had the notion that happiness is at home being with my parents but as I entered the university, the notion that I had, I found was not so promising. I never questioned myself about what I want to be and who am I? As I finished my high school, the questions “WHO AM I?” and “WHERE I WANT TO SEE MYSELF AFTER FEW YEARS?” patted my mind. At that very moment, I was confused. Then after, I realized where I want to be and who am I?

One must have chaos with oneself to give birth to a star and within me, I found that I always wanted to explore things, communicate with people and disseminate information. I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to grab every opportunity that comes my way. And finally, I got my way. By choosing media studies, I can accomplish my passion. I can communicate as well as explore. And this will always be an on-going process. There are always bigger and better things available.