Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Message To The World!

Life, so uncertain and mysterious. Life has made each of us wonder upon our purpose and destiny. As we journey along, in doubt and in hope, the choices we make define who we are. Nothing is permanent. Walking our way through toil and perseverance, at times we gain and we lose the other time. Happiness can be found in the most obvious or the most unexpected things. Our entire life is squandered in accomplishing happiness, forgetting that happiness comes from within.

To be truly happy in life, we must learn to be at ease with what we possess. Don’t expect more. Help the needy ones. Learn to share and be obliging. In doing so, you will get that feeling of contentment. The feeling that will overwhelm you, make you shade tears and smile at the same time. The feelings of happiness that will make the creature inside the cage of your ribs feel blissful.

Life does not go the way we want it to. We may or may not be able to live our lives the way we want. But certainly, we will live our lives the way it is meant to be, i.e. to live together. People, know that we are all together.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Love to capture moments! Found so beautiful!

If you were mine….

The first time I saw you,
I was left gazing at you
Since then, I am waiting
But the right time just sailed.
                                                 If you were mine,
                                                 The world would be mine.
                                                 Holding your hand, I would dance
                                                 I would keep you in my heart.

Out of this world you are,
 No one like you ever
How can somebody be so charismatic like you?
 You are an angel from above.
                                                    If you were mine,
                                                    I would not be on earth
                                                    I would be flying,
                                                    with a passion so blind.

Wealth as the utmost happiness…but they’re not at least for me

Happiness is the contentment or pleasure one feels. Money and possessions can bring people joy but such happiness is short lived. Real and constant happiness comes from achievements, growth of skills and character, expressing creativity, freedom, peace of mind, kindness and gratitude we show and receive, and by loving and being loved. Different people become happy for different reason.
When a person wins a lottery or gets a raise in salary, she/he may experience happiness. With excess of money, happiness may increase but he/she will soon learn to adjust with the excess of money and may start to feel that the money is inadequate. In turn, the excess of money becomes a burden trying to maintain and secure it.

People associate happiness to the amount of money possessed. But certainly, that is not satisfactory. People get delighted at first from the brand new car that has been bought. But the delight remains only for short term and people get used to them. Human minds are adaptable. The desire to have more gradually increases. People are never all that satisfied with the money they have. Unquestionably, more salary makes people happy but that is immediate. People promptly amend to the new wealth and all it purchase.

It is observable that wealth is such features in one’s life that if its quantity is less, people are likely to suffer. And if it is more, people find it complicated to deal with. Money creates divide between rich and poor. The rich become richer by making use of natural resources and cheating tax. The poor ones remain as it is. More money can make people feel superior while poor ones are made to feel inferior.

Happiness comes from within and not from having luxurious things. It is just self-satisfactory. Happiness brought by money is short lived. Frankly speaking, I find happiness in doing things rather than having fanciful gadgets.

Friday, May 16, 2014


“Who am I?” The question is undying one. If I don’t answer, I may never be able to decide between what my fundamental self wants and what other people influence me to want. I try my best to answer it for myself however the answer prearranged by others do affect the way I approach this question. The answer of this question cannot be found in a person’s religion or in the society they are brought up in, but it is found in a person’s heart and soul.
When I recollect my childhood days, I have dreamt of joining so many professions. Sometimes doctor, other times engineer and army officer at times. I never gave a thought to my inner self. And at times when I did, I found it complicated and dreamy. I have always been known for having lively personality. A girl with full of life, smiling and making others smile along with me. But that never contented me.
Everyone, who enters college, initiates a new life. It does not matter whether one was stupid or introverted; college gives everyone a second chance. A chance to become someone diverse, someone she or he always dreamt to become. College teaches us many essential lessons, which are not certainly found in the curriculum.
Now, as I am here in the college, the quest within me has been finally conquered. Now, I know myself. I am a kind of a girl who loves to talk, argue and explore things. I am a girl who admires working on her dream. I always wanted to explore things, communicate and bring about changes. Now I know my purpose. I have an aim. I want to become a teacher. I want to impart the skills and knowledge that I will acquire while my stay at Sherubtse. And this will be an on-going process. I want to grab every opportunity that approaches my way. Here, I get inspired by my tutors, especially by Mrs. Sangay Tshechu and Mr. Dorji Wangchuk. I want to become like them. My passion is amplified with the inspiration I have. I have the potential and as well as opportunity.

After coming to Sherubtse, I have come to know that there is an always bigger and better thing available. I know dedicating another two years in studying is not an easy task but it is completely reasonable to question the meaning and sense of coming to college. I am hopeful that Sherubtse will empower my imagination and enlarge my skills. I am on my way to explore and accomplish my dreams. Deciding the occupation as a teacher has been set in stone in my mind. Undoubtedly, I am progressing to construct a brighter future for myself.