Sunday, June 1, 2014

Picture Story: Trip to Rangzhikhar Goenpa :)

Sangay, Passang, Leki and Me
Sangay, Phub Dem, Passang and Me.

Time sailed away, waited for none!

I feel amazed to look back to the time when I was in my pre-primary school. Going to school and being in the classroom was one of the most beautiful experiences, I consider. Frankly speaking, when I first saw computer in my headmaster’s office, I was left with my jaw wide open. I was so much fascinated by it. I would wonder how that electronic creature functions. My curiosity used to kill me inside. But sadly, never got a chance to touch it. Fanciful gadgets always enthralled me.

Now, that time is gone. Time waited for none of us. It just slipped without our notice. For the children of today’s time, nothing is captivating. Right after their birth, they are introduced to all kinds of materialistic device. Space for curiosity has been subdued. Going to school is weary for them. Books contain only facts, fractions and figures. For them, there is nothing to explore. Things don’t fascinate them because materialistic device has made them all well known to world. Time has transformed everything, including people’s perception and their living standards. Let me share something, I was left numb when I saw my three year old nephew activating his father’s laptop and watching cartoon. When I was of his age, frankly telling I did not know whether this type of device exist or not.  Time is so surprising and the change it has brought in is stunning.

I am growing old and hopefully I am becoming more mature. I feel that nothing has changed. I find everything same, such as, my way of wearing kira, my friends, my sisters pampering and calling me with disgusting names. But somewhere within the cage of my ribs, I know things have changed hugely. Unquestionably, excluding biological changes, everything seems the same. But when I turn back and look, everything is different.

My Prized Possession: My Sisters

Please don’t cry,
I love you for what you are.
Don’t be annoyed,
I’ll be left alone without you.
You understand me more than I do.

                                                           Please don’t go away,
                                                           I cannot afford to be disregarded by others.
                                                           Stay by my side always,
                                                           Without you, I’m nothing
                                                          Hold my hand, we’ll toddle together.

How far away I’m from you,
I always find you beside me.
Without your existence,
My world seems to be sedated.
I crave my voyage of life to be walking with you.

                                                             I want to live,
                                                             I want to cry,
                                                             In the tenderness of your arms.
                                                             Be my best friend, be my soul mate.
                                                            I love you more than you’ll ever know.