Wednesday, November 19, 2014

There is a love that is divine

Look at this breeze
Seeing me alone, it’s teasing me.
Look, even these flowers
Seeing me alone, are nagging me.
Please come soon & hide me in your arms.
I beg you, hold me & never let me go.

When you are not here,
My world traumatizes all of sudden.
When you are not here,
Even the path I constantly walk turns into alien all of sudden.
Please come soon & catch my hand
And walk with me for eternity.

Take note, the song that I am singing
Are also waiting for your return.
Look, even my eyes are craving to see you.
I didn’t even perceive how secure I feel to have you.
I didn’t even realize that you have my heart already stolen.
Please come soon, I plead you & want you here with me.


  1. Ahem, someone is getting romantic now. Hehe. Nice poem, Manie. Keep writing. :)

  2. Beautiful and sweet poem :) It made me smile ^^

    1. :) Thank you so very much for going through.